Monday, July 29, 2019

Why do you think Fr. Lawton says the journey to be oneself seems the Essay - 3

Why do you think Fr. Lawton says the journey to be oneself seems the riskiest of all journeys What risks lie ahead in your college career as you embark on th - Essay Example Choosing friends with a degree of discrimination, such as those who share the same priorities as I is essentially accomplished by the same methodology as in high school. Nervous anticipation is probably the best description for the feeling, meeting new people from far-off places, hoping my background either matches or complements theirs. Leaving the protective and structured home-life is the greatest adjustment, at least for me; therefore, the most frightening because the pitfalls related to the unknown are the largest and easiest to fall into. Everyone knows at least an overview of a similar story which was related to me by my parents on many occasions. Many want to get as far away from their parents and home town as possible and others want the security home provides while being allowed to make their own choices, in other words, to have their cake and eat it to. Finally the day comes when they leave the nest to embark on the great adventure that is life. Nearly to a person, once they have flown, they lament about the carefree days of childhood when there were no bills to pay, were not forced to discipline themselves and if a problem arose, they could just call mom or dad and they would magically fix it. Instead of having to grudgingly get up every morning to an annoying alarm bell and eat cold pizza for breakfast, as children, mother came in, opened up the drapes then returned as often as need to gently awaken you as the smell of a hot, nutritious breakfast tempted you to life. Freedom is a two-edged sword, a fact of lif e that is generally shockingly discovered only after leaving home. Living away from home is great but it has its downsides as well. That first month away from home is truly a liberating feeling. You can to whatever you want on a whim and have to answer to no one. You can eat ice cream for breakfast at the crack of noon when you wake, come home when the party is over for a change and watch whatever disgusting

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